The Watcher

Close to middle age, still in school, and stuck in a failing marriage, Lily knows she needs a major change in her life. She used to be a poet, sang every week at karaoke, and had her whole life planned out. Now her husband is out late every night as she sits at home with her cats, fighting the urge to eat cupcakes and give in to the depression that’s threatening to settle over her..

Enter Gabriel, the hoodie wearing slacker from her college classes. He’s dark, mysterious, and seems to know way too much about her. When Gabriel saves her from a predator one night, Lily finds her life changed forever by a man who claims to have stalked her for two years.

Homeless Heart

Rose McCullen was on the way to having it all. She was finishing her degree, had the home she'd always dreamt of, was able to give her brother the care he needed, and had a gorgeous man by her side. When Sam Turner, the man she thought she'd spend the rest of her life with, decides to stay in India indefinitely after a yoga retreat, Rose was left to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart.

Chad Nichols is a long time regular at Rose's place of employment, Jack's Coffee Shack. Her bright smile, love of books, and her enchanting green eyes have become a part of his daily routine. When Chad finally gathers the courage to ask Rose out on an official date, she must decide if she can let go of her past, share the truth about her present, and open her heart to love once more. 


Mabel has finally made her and her late Gran’s dreams come true: she has her very own organic cupcake shop, Hazel’s Hints of Heaven. For the most part, she’s content. There’s her daily visits to Cherry’s Coffee Roasters, hanging with her two best friends, Max and Corinda, and baking her heart out. Alas, she aches for a little human contact (wink, wink). She’d even settled for one-night stands from her favorite hole in the wall bar, but, when she meets two mouth-droppingly, eye-poppingly gorgeous men, things get complicated.

There’s Gavin, the tattooed, pierced, dark haired, blue-eyed devil who reeks of sin and needs a job in a pastry kind of way. And Henry, the tall, blond, green-eyed Greek god who borders on rude and tight-assed and needs sweet treats—and fast. As Mabel gets to know each man, her heart chooses one, while her body chooses another.

When push comes to shove, with a little help from fate, Mabel finally makes the choice that satisfies her heart…and her Cupcakegasm.


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